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Men with Breasts

Limited Special! Book before the end of the month and receive $1000 off your cosmetic surgery procedure. Call (310) 284-8384 • (714) 671-3033 or Click here to book now. Gynecomastia, Gyno, steroid breasts or bitch tits as some people call them is the enlargement of the breasts in males. The term Gynecomastia comes from the Greek root which means woman like breasts.

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Payment Options

Cosmetic Surgery is affordable with low monthly payments.

All of your needs are important to us so we offer a wide range of financing options.

Financing your surgery is simple, confidential and practical.

Why wait? Call today to see if you qualify for low monthly payments or other payment options.

- Low monthly payments
- Credit Card
- Money Order
- Cashiers Check
- Cash
- Insurance (for selected procedures only)

Dr. Frederic H. Corbin accepts most Insurance plans. Please check your insurance provider listing to see if Dr. Corbin is a provider. Some surgeries may be covered by your insurance plan.

A few examples of procedures that may be covered by your insurance carrier are:  

- Nasal Surgery
- Breast Reduction
- Breast reconstuction
- Gynecomastia
- Etc.

Remember to obtain a proper referral to see Dr. Corbin from you primary care Physician, if your insurance plan requires a referral to see a specialist.

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact: Alice at (714) 671-3033 or (310) 284-8384. Click here to contact us via email

Book your complimentary gynecomastia cosmetic consultation today!


CareCredit for cosmetic procedures

We're pleased to offer our patients the CareCredit® card, North America's leading patient payment program. The CareCredit card is just as easy to use as a regular credit card, but it's designed specifically for your health and beauty needs. Best of all, CareCredit offers convenient payment plans and no hidden costs. You can even use your CareCredit card over and over for follow-up appointments.

Apply now or to learn more about CareCredit, please contact us.

care credit for cosmetic surgery



Book your complimentary gynecomastia cosmetic consultation today!

This surgery is the best decision I’ve made and it’s so great! Everybody in Dr. Corbin’s office is so supportive. I love the staff and of course, Dr. Corbin is the Best! Thank You, Mark

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