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Gynecomastia testimonial

Dr. Corbin’s patients share their experience
with male breast reduction surgery

As I got older I noticed my chest growing and becoming painful. Finally, it became enough of an embarrassment for me to speak with my doctor about the problem. He told me it was a common problem and it could be corrected with surgery. He referred me to Dr. Corbin in Beverly Hills.

I met with Dr. Corbin and he reassured me that he could help me feel good about the appearance of my body again. He was very confident and knowledgeable about what surgery he wanted to perform on me. He explained in detail, the surgery, the risks and the benefits. After looking at before and after photos of other patients it was obvious that Dr. Corbin had experience with Gyno.

I have always worked out and my physical appearance is very important to me. The only part of my body that I felt insecure about was the chest. I did my best to conceal my chest from other people even my lover.

I considered surgery for a few months before deciding to do it. The first day after surgery was the worst. Every day after that I felt better and better. The Gyno surgery is one of the best decisions I have made. Today I can honestly say I love the way I look! I go to the beach and take my shirt off with no problems! I can walk around the locker room with out feeling self conscious. I no longer have the pain and sensitivity I had for years.

I highly recommend Dr. Corbin and the Gyno surgery….. no more bitch tits for me!!!!

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