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Gynecomastia testimonial

A Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon helps
men with Gynecomastia

I had been working out for 10 years before deciding that I wanted to compete. I competed for three years and after some use of anabolics, I started to develop bitch tits (gynocamastia). As I am a perfectionist, I did not like the small breast like look that I had developed.

I punched up gynocamastia on the net and had a whole bunch of plastic surgeons to choose from. After a long time studding each doctor, I decided on the one that I felt most comfortable about, Dr. Corbin.

I meet with him at his Brea office, he was very nice and made me feel very confident that he could abstract the extra tissue and get me back to normal. The surgery went well and I was able to get back to the gym with minimal down time and minimal pain. I really liked that he paid attention to my needs and had created an un noticeable small incision underneath my nipple..

As I stepped out on stage for my first show, Dr. Corbin’s surgery gave me the confidence to win and look great as if I had never had gyno, or a surgery to correct it.

I would recommend anyone that has this problem to contact Dr. Corbin and have the procedure done, I feel ten times more confident on stage and my day to day life.

Thank you Dr. C..

Happy patient!!

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