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Gynecomastia testimonial

Dr. Corbin’s patients share their experience
with male breast reduction surgery

Aaron, a male model, fitness buff and actor also suffered from the humiliation of male breasts. He developed the condition in his teens and was teased and embarrassed about it. He started working out hoping it was fat and would go away. After 11 years he made the decision to have surgery. Dr. Corbin performed an excision of breast tissue. According to Dr. Corbin it was solid breast tissue and no fat whatsoever.

One month after his surgery, Aaron is ecstatic about the way he looks and feels.” I am so proud of my body now! I feel like a weight has been lifted from me. Literally! Looking back I wish I would have done the surgery sooner. I am rehearsing for a new role in an upcoming action movie and this is the first time in my career I will not be self conscious about my upper body. My agent is also happy because I used to turn a lot of jobs down if I had to take my shirt off for a shoot or role.” Aarons’ surgery and recovery was featured in a television special on VH1.

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