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Gynecomastia testimonial

Dr. Corbin’s patients share their experience
with male breast reduction surgery

I had been researching doctors with whom I could have my gynecomastia treated for quite some time. I stumbled across Dr. Corbin on the Internet, looked at his excellent results and I could not think of any reason I should not go in for a consultation.

The staff is incredibly friendly and helpful. Dr. Corbin is very knowledgeable. They made me feel very comfortable having the procedure and easily answered all questions I had. He insisted the surgery would be successful and was so confident in his abilities that I had no qualms about scheduling surgery.

I had my surgery in the Brea office, which is as nice as the Beverly Hills office. The staff were all very courteous and addressed all my concerns before the operation. The operation seemed to have gone very smoothly and Dr. Corbin was satisfied with the results.

I had been warned by Dr. Corbin and the staff that the surgery and recovery may be painful, however there was no pain.
The only problem was sleeping sitting upright for 3 nights, but I had vicodin help me out. I was worried about wearing the compression vest for several weeks. Because I was healing well I only wore it for a week and a half.

Initially, I thought my chest looked odd, but everyday that passes it looks better and better and normal. It’s been five weeks and you would not even know that I had surgery; the scars aren’t visible at all! I can feel the area where the incision is, but Dr. Corbin assures me that area will soften up. I have no doubts that he is right because everything he has said has been accurate.

I am very satisfied with the results and encourage anyone who is concerned about the appearance of their chest to have Dr. Corbin perform this simple operation.

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