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Men with Breasts

Limited Special! Book before the end of the month and receive $1000 off your cosmetic surgery procedure. Call (310) 284-8384 • (714) 671-3033 or Click here to book now. Gynecomastia, Gyno, steroid breasts or bitch tits as some people call them is the enlargement of the breasts in males. The term Gynecomastia comes from the Greek root which means woman like breasts.

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A Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon helps men with Gynecomastia

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Corbin has been performing male breast reduction procedures for Gynecomastia for over 25 years. Gynecomastia can be removed via liposuction alone or in combination with excision. Incisions for both gyno lipo or gyno excision are inconspicuously placed along the nipple areolars and patients can quickly return to work, regular activities and the gym.

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What does twenty-five years or more of experience in surgery mean to a plastic surgeon and his patients?

Almost anyone who wants to be the best at anything has to spend hours practicing and perfecting their skills. I had the pleasure of interviewing Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Frederic Corbin, to get his take on being a plastic surgeon with over 25 years experience.

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Dr. Corbin's Amazing work with a lot of hard work = 2016 NPC Mr. California Winner!

I'm a former patient of Dr. Corbin's from 2013 and I had gynecomastia surgery. Fast forward 3 years and Dr. Corbin's amazing work with a lot of hard work of my own has propelled me to win the NPC Mr. California this year. Here are some photos from the show.



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This surgery is the best decision I’ve made and it’s so great! Everybody in Dr. Corbin’s office is so supportive. I love the staff and of course, Dr. Corbin is the Best! Thank You, Mark

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